Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin

Sadly George Carlin Died yesterday. He was a super funny comedian and if you never heard his stand up you probably have been some sort of hermit for the last four decades or so. The first time I ever heard him was when I was a little kid listening to his stand up on one of my dads old records. I was not aloud to watch the Ninja Turtles on TV when I was a kid but for some reason I was aloud to listen to George talk about the 7 words you can never say on television. What can I say, my parents had good taste.
Anyways here is a drawing I did tonight in memory of George Carlin. He's got a huge cranium to hold all his knowledge and smarts.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Steven Seagal

Hey here is this caricature I made of Steven Seagal for a friend at work.  I got excited when he asked me to do a drawing of Seagal because I realized that he is already a cartoon, all the work was already done for me.  I used markers and crayon for this guy, which is another way of saying I used whatever was with in an arms length of me.