Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A bunch of drawings, some old some New

So I just graduated and I now find myself with an abundance of time. Today I was going through a bunch of my old drawings looking for anything that I could put in my portfolio. Its slim pickings, I don't have as many polished drawings as I was hoping for. Almost of the the drawings below probably won't make the cut, but here are a bunch of my favorite drawings. They range from figure drawings, to illustrations I did for the Loyolan, to drawings I doodled at home for fun.

Its my Dad

This was an illustration that I started first semester junior year, I never finished it.

Character design for my 3D film, he ended up looking completely different.

I like this cowboy

This was a huge post!!!


Marnie said...

So I love everything especially the guy with the giant man tits.

Mike Moloney said...

haha awesome, nice figure drawings!

Historian said...

hey fart-head. i miss you. also i love the one with they guy singing his guts out in front of the exasperated wilford brimley looking guy by the piano. that one has all the story/character in it and its sooooo you. ok have fun up north. but not too much, cuz then i'll be sooo sad! :(/

Historian said...

the captcha says hogiou!! I just thought that's a really great word you should know about.,. although it looks funnier all cronky and captcha-y...